How to Save TikTok Videos

TikTok is very popular worldwide. It has short, fun videos of dancing and funny challenges. Whether you make TikTok videos or just watch them, learning to save them can be helpful. This guide will show you easy steps to download TikTok videos and control who can download your own videos.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a place online where people make short videos with music. You can show your creativity by lip-syncing, dancing, doing comedy, and other fun things.

Why It’s Good to Save TikTok Videos?

Enjoying Without Internet

Now, you can enjoy videos without the internet. Whether you are on a trip or in a place with bad internet, saved videos mean fun is just a tap away.

Sharing Beyond TikTok

Saving TikTok videos lets you share them with friends and family who don’t use TikTok. This means everyone can enjoy the funny dances, heartwarming stories, or creative challenges that TikTok has.

Building Your Collection

Saving TikTok videos lets you make a collection of videos you really like. You can save things like pep talks, cooking tips, or cute pet videos. Keeping them saved means you can watch them again whenever you want. It is like having your own special library of favorite moments and things you enjoy, all on your device.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Saving TikTok Videos

Saving a TikTok video to your device is easy. Follow these steps:

Open TikTok

First, open the TikTok app on your phone or tablet. Look for its icon on your home screen or in the app list.

Find the Video You Want to Save

When you’ve found the video, tap the share button. It is usually on the right side of the screen and looks like a right-pointing arrow.

Tap the Share Button

After finding videos, tap the share button. It is usually on the right side of the video screen and looks like an arrow pointing to the right.

Choose “Save Video”

A menu will pop up with different choices for sharing. Tap on “Save Video” from the menu. If you can’t find this option, it might mean the person who made the video has turned off downloads for it.

Managing Who Can Save TikTok Videos

If you make TikTok videos, you can decide who can download them. Here’s how you can manage this:

Open TikTok

Start TikTok on your phone and go to your profile.

Go to Settings

Tap the three dots (…) in the top right of your profile. A menu will appear. Tap on Setting and Privacy option for adjustment.

Manage Video Downloads

In the “Privacy” part of the settings, find “Video downloads”. You can turn this option on or off to decide if others can save your videos.

How to Save TikTok Videos Before Posting

Before you share your videos on TikTok, it is important to keep a copy on your device. Follow these easy steps to save them:

Open TikTok

Start by opening the TikTok app on your phone or tablet. This will show you the main screen with popular videos and your own feed.

Make a New Video

Tap the plus (+) button at the bottom center. This opens TikTok’s camera. Now you can record video. .

Access Advanced Settings

To change your video settings after recording, tap the “More options” button. Look for three dots in a corner of your screen.

Enable “Save to Device”

To save your video, go to the settings menu and find “Save to device.” Turn this on to save your video directly to your phone’s photo or video library.

Benefits of Saving TikTok Videos Before Posting

If you create TikTok videos, it is good to save them on your phone or computer before sharing them online. Here’s why it helps:

Keep Your Videos Safe

When you have a copy saved offline, you won’t lose your videos even if something goes wrong with your TikTok account or the app itself.

Easy Access for Editing

Editing videos becomes easier when you keep the original file. This way, you can quickly and effortlessly make any changes or add new things to your videos.

Expand Your Reach

You can easily share your TikTok videos with friends and family by saving them.

Preserve Memories

Save videos of special moments or things you are proud of, so you can watch them again later.

Consideration for Young Users while Saving TikTok videos

If you are younger than 16 or have a private account, you can’t download videos by default. To enable this feature, you must switch your account to public.


In conclusion, it is very easy to save TikTok videos and control who can download your own videos. Just follow some easy steps. It is important to keep backups of your content before sharing it. Whether you make TikTok videos or just like watching them, these tips will make TikTok more fun for you!


Question: Can I Save TikTok Videos if the Creator Doesn’t Allow Downloads?

Answer: No, if the person who made a TikTok video turned off the download option, you can’t save that video. You won’t see the “Save Video” choice in the share menu.

Question: What happens if I turn off the video downloads setting on my TikTok account?

Answer: If you switch off the video downloads setting on your TikTok account, others can’t save your videos anymore. But, videos already saved before you turned off this setting will stay on their devices.

Question: How to Save TikTok Videos on Your Computer?

Answer: Yes, you can save TikTok videos on your computer. You need to use a special tool or a browser add-on made just for this. But remember, using these tools might go against TikTok’s rules, so be careful.